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Quick update re our phones today - 13th January 2021!
Looks like some work by Telstra near to our building has made it hard for you to hear us on our phones. Gah! We are working hard to have it fixed. But if you need to talk to us, it would be best if you could please email us on And if you have a Telehealth appointment, it will definitely still go ahead. But just be aware that we will be calling you on an unknown number. Hopefully not too long until we have this sorted!
Cheers from the arthritisCARE team


How to Get There


There is patient parking onsite at the arthritisCARE building, but if all spots are taken and you need to park on the street, please note that unless signposted otherwise, all street parking is limited to 2 hours only. Apparently the Brisbane City Council Parking Inspectors do regular rounds checking up on these each day. So we just wanted to make sure you were aware of this.

Public Transport

arthritisCARE is located right alongside the Dutton Park Railway Station. The station has no lift but does offer a series of ramps as an alternative to steps.

Driving Directions

Route No. 1

  • Exit off South East Freeway onto Juliette Street.
  • Follow the signs to P.A.Hospital until you reach Ipswich Road.
  • Then cross Ipswich Road and take Young Street up to Annerley Road.
  • Continue along Annerley Road until Pound Street and turn right there (as it is not possible to safely turn right into Railway Terrace from Annerley Road).

Route No. 2

  • If you would prefer not to turn right off busy Annerley Road, you can take this alternative route.
  • Follow Route 1 above, and once you reach Annerley Road, turn left onto Noble Street.
  • Then right into Princess Street and right again onto Fairfield Road.
  • Move into the lane which allows you to continue straight ahead crossing Annerley Road into Railway Terrace.

Route No. 3

  • If you are heading in from the north, you can also exit the South East Freeway at the Stanley Street exit, turning left at the Mater Hospital onto Annerley Road.
  • Continue on to Pound Street and turn left there.

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