Why would you choose the arthritisCARE team for the care of your joint and muscle pain?

Between us, we have many years of experience, not just in rheumatology, but also in general medicine, with some of us even having spent time as General Practitioners in the past. Why is this important? Because it ensures that we keep in mind your “whole person” needs - not just limiting our focus to attending to your disease and physical symptoms.

We also appreciate the importance of keeping in close contact with your General Practitioner as a key partner for your ongoing support. They need to be aware of what is going on for your care from the arthritisCARE team and also are encouraged to contact us at any time with questions on your behalf.

As there are several Rheumatologists at the arthritisCARE practice, we benefit from being able to turn to each other for advice. In turn, this is really helpful for you if you come to us with a particularly complex set of symptoms. It’s a bit like having a rheumatology brains trust in-house to work on the best treatment plan for you!

We also offer both female and male Rheumatologists, as we appreciate that it is important that you have a choice about who you meet with to discuss your own condition and treatment options.

Meet Our Rheumatologists

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Dr Peter Landsberg



Dr Louise McCormack



Dr Kevin Su



Dr Clare Owens



Dr Maryam Zia



Meet Our Team

Pictured here are the hard-working arthritisCARE admin team with Dr. Peter Landsberg. From L to R - Boh Chappuis (Business Development Manager), Maree Oates, Tyler Carpenter, Sam Ala-Outinen and Jenny Mihalcea.

You will see Sam or Jenny at the front desk when you arrive for your appointment. They’ll also give you a call if anything needs to be followed up with you before or after your appointment. Maree is a valued long-term team member, having been typing reports for the practice for years with Tyler being a newer addition to the report preparation team. His years of studying physiotherapy at the Uni of Queensland means he is quick to master the sometimes-complex rheumatology conditions and medications terminology. All good learning for his future practice too he tells us.

Between Maree and Tyler, reports are prepared quickly and accurately, making it possible for them to forward them on to your GP or other referring doctor within three days in most cases.

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Boh Chappuis

Business Development Manager

Boh joined arthritisCARE two years ago as our new Business Development Manager, enthusiastically adding her own energy and innovation to the very busy role.

You benefit from her 15 years of experience in medical practice administration and team leadership, as she works hard to ensure that our team offers you a comfortable, non-clinical experience on visiting us for your appointment. And not just when you are with us, but whenever you are in contact with us before and after your appointment too.

While she already has a Business Degree from Griffith Uni in Brisbane, she is keen to further build her solid business management skills by taking on an MBA in future. That is one big task, but one she will tackle admirably for sure!

If you have any concerns about your experience with arthritisCARE, Boh is the best person to talk to. She is constantly looking for ways to improve how we support you and deliver your care and would very much value your advice.

And meet Misty!

Misty is our very own Therapy Dog. She is a “Pomoodle” - a cross between a Pomeranian and a Poodle. Yes, it’s a thing. And in Misty’s case, it’s a very cute thing!

She recently completed her training and certification with Therapy Dogs Australia ensuring that her temperament and sociability are suited to safely being at the practice alongside our patients and our team. She just puts a smile on people’s faces when she is in the house.

Misty LOVES people. She takes her role pretty seriously, greeting people she knows at the door and then personally escorting them through to the reception desk. But of course, if you are not a dog person, she happily scoots back to the office behind reception and stays out of your way.

She visits the practice once a week, usually on Fridays, and we have several patients requesting that their appointments be made only on the day when Misty will be there to greet them.

She is only five years old, but has had her own journey with joint pain, having suffered from a luxating patella as a puppy. Meaning her knee would pop out of alignment causing her discomfort. With treatment, she has pretty much worked her way through it now. Once the COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, there are plans for her to visit retirement villages with her official handler, Boh Chappuis, our Business Development Manager.

But it is not all work for Misty while she is at arthritisCARE as she will occasionally take herself upstairs to be waiting for Dr. Louise McCormack outside her door when consultations are over. Confirming our suspicions that Louise is slipping Misty a few treats at the end of the day!

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rheumatology clinic near me

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