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rheumatoid arthritis townsville

ArthritisCARE rheumatologists throughout Townsville are committed to providing rheumatology care for all joint conditions. Rheumatic disease can be difficult to identify in the early stages as all joints in the body can be affected. Using modern diagnostic equipment, our rheumatologists can diagnose your condition, as well as provide an appropriate treatment plan for you.

Our specialists are trained in various fields of rheumatology. This means that no matter what the complexity of your presenting symptoms are, we will have somebody who can give both you and your practitioner the guidance needed to formulate your treatment plan.

We, here at arthritisCARE, embrace every person’s privacy and special needs. We have both female and male rheumatologists to meet your privacy and desired treatment conditions. In addition, will liaise with your general practitioner to ensure your information is accurate and accessible by all people involved in your care.

rheumatologist townsville

Why choose arthritisCARE’s Rheumatologists in Townsville

Whether you need a diagnosis, require treatment, or simply want some advice regarding your rheumatic condition, our team is here for you.

When we care for our patients, we don’t only treat your joint pain. We treat you as a whole patient by providing treatment plans that can significantly improve your health and enhance your quality of life.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to arrange an appointment. You can give us a phone call, visit us at the address below, or send us an email.

rheumatologist townsville

How can we help

Help starts as soon as you send us an email, visit one of our locations, or click on our website. You can have a look at who your doctor will be, and find our phone number and address. Once at one of the locations of our clinic, you will be met by our friendly arthritisCARE admin team. You will fill out all appropriate registration forms and then be met by your doctor.

Your doctor will then want to carry out a comprehensive medical assessment, noting down all pre-existing medical conditions, medications you may take, and asking you about your social and family history.

Once your symptoms have been addressed and a physical examination has taken place, they will begin formulating a treatment plan designed to fit within your daily schedule. Our rheumatology team will contact you for follow-ups, advice, and answer any questions you may have.


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